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Be aware that casual relationships are not meant to be serious relationships. The best way to attract women is to act like a friend, ensuring that you maintain a professional and respectful attitude. Women should respect their partners' feelings. Likewise, men should respect their partners' boundaries.

If you feel like you can't be honest with a woman, you can walk away. It is not easy to get into a committed relationship with someone who lies to you.

Creating a good profile on dating sites is very similar to writing a CV for a job. Avoid negative language and talk about yourself positively.

People who read your dating profile should fall in love with you and not the other way around. Always keep in mind that lying will not get you anywhere, so remember that honesty is the best policy. You'll never go wrong by being honest and authentic. That will make your profile more attractive and attract more potential dates.

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You can ask icebreaker questions about their interests, political views, traumatizing life experiences, priorities, and even who they spend most of their time with. By asking these types of questions, you can see an entirely different side of someone.

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