Russian mail order brides are super popular among westerners. Do some of men still firmly prefer to date their local women? Yes, and girls from UK remain among favorites for sure.
Lots of single men think they have better chances with British girlfriends and brides than with Russian ones. Dating experts are helping us to investigate more about that and understand the difference.

Are British women beautiful?

It seems to be in fashion to hunt for Asian beauties and Slavic beauties. It’s exotic no doubts, but there is a category of men who find it risky to get involved with model looking personalities.
Such women can be spoiled by everyone’s attention and cheat easier or expect some financial reward in return. English girls are charming and cute enough to be called sexy, and they’re way safer.
If one prefers slim and fit women only, there’s no need to travel so far away to Russia. Find British girls who are into organic and vegan foods, yoga, sports, and you’ll have your Miss Slim.

Are English females committed?

We all want to be cared about. That’s why Russian women are chosen as brides, they are literally nannies to their men. British girls are committed in a healthier way, they care but they prefer equality.
The further is the province a British woman lives, the more caring she is in regard of cooking, cleaning, listening to her partner carefully. It’s always like that, capital girls are more freedom-loving.
It’s true that a Russian bride would do everything for us at home, but her complete dependence in emotional and financial meaning can be frustrating. It’s another reason to choose British girls.

Are women from UK hot in a bed?

Experts in Eastern European dating would tell you that Russian women are a bit of Baltic type, they may seem shy or cold in a bed. They have a classical thinking and rarely try new things.
While British girls lovers won’t disappoint you in anything. Those are progressive women who like experimenting, exploring their partner’s special desires, using sex toys, or doing whatever fun.
It’s typical for English women to discuss openly their own preferences and their partners’ wishes. There will never be lack of understanding in sex when you’re with a British hottie.

Are UK brides and girlfriends low-budget?

It’s well-known that modern men often prefer to date in underdeveloped countries since girls there have smaller demands and generally cost you less. But there’s a big question about that.
Although many girls in Russia are decent and genuine, they actually aren’t the lowest-budget among all mail order brides. They like looking good, travelling, attending many places of culture.
Due to the bad state of economy in their country, they expect a man to cover all these physical and intellectual needs. While British women are able to pay for themselves and are self-sustainable.
London is considered a capital of cougar ladies who enjoy taking care of their partner’s financial needs, even if it’s a same-age partner or older. So, the advantages of dating a woman in UK are obvious.

Are British girls stable in relationships?

No doubts modern singles prefer to hook up with no strings attached, but sooner or later, we want to settle down and have a family. Are English women stable at all in their personal connections?
If to compare to Russian girls who are chosen for their one-man-woman attitude and commitment to spend life together, British women can seem less stable. But it’s because they’re wiser.
Numerous divorces of Russia beauties happen exactly due to them being non-selective. They want a man for life, and dedicate themselves to literally any hard-drinker they meet on the way.
In this regard, British brides are much more civilized. They think twice, test their beloved if there’s anything suspicious, and eventually select the most decent and promising man around.
With such a thoughtful approach, there are more chances a British woman will be with you until the end, with all necessary efforts involved and great positive results in loving togetherness.

Are UK chicks easy to conquer?

Since girls in the UK are so open-minded, it’s rather easy to get laid with them, especially in frames of nightlife in London. But it’s kind of harder to get their attention on a serious level.
Dating experts recommend showing politeness and courtesy starting from the first words you exchange on the British dating app. Let her see you’re safe, gentle, and surely sexy to the core.
UK women value personality first, and perspectives second. If you manage to get them curious about you as a person, telling about your hobbies and life stories, go on with the insight of your future.
These practical and fair girls will be highly intrigued by your intention to see the world, build a house for your future family, achieve other things in life. Such stories will provide you with their keen interest.